Enjoy and explore the caveman diet.

Dana Summers

Dana is a writer and nutritionist with numerous #1 best selling cookbooks on the Paleo or “Caveman” diet. She has been in the nutrition field for over 20 years and provides expert advice to people all over the world. Dana has experimented with numerous diets in the past and although some worked in the short term she was not able to sustain her weight loss in the long run. Things dramatically changed when she eliminated processed foods from her diet. She lost over 20 pounds and her energy levels skyrocketed.

She is passionate about sharing her latest recipes with her readers and others who enjoy healthy, clean, nutritious foods. Dana’s recipes are all about succulent flavor, texture and wholesome nutrition without sacrificing taste. Dana provides the tools you need to make the healthy change and have healing foods that taste great.

Dana lives in West Virginia with her husband and her dog, Rocky. Dana enjoys dancing, reading, watching Modern Family and playing tennis.