Start Your Own Garden and Beautify Your Home

David Stone

David is a writer, crafter, gardener and creative business expert with a host of best-selling books in house and home, cleaning, caretaking and gardening genre. David is passionate about DIY projects and loves to hang out in the garden and take care of his home. He is a firm believer in growing your own organic, natural herbs and produce, as there is nothing better than the smell of homegrown organic fruit and vegetables. Not to mention the healing effects they have on your body.

He appreciates everything life has to offer and as a result does everything to foster a happy and healthy lifestyle and helps others do the same. He started writing to show others how a healthy, balanced life can be achieved and maintained. David resides in San Diego, California with his wife and two dogs, Rex and Tom. When not writing, he loves to hike, swim, watch romantic movies, read and play board games.