Natural and Healing Solutions.

Emily Walters

Emily is a teacher and writer with numerous #1 best-selling books in natural remedies and alternative medicine genre. She has suffered from chronic inflammation and joint pain from a very young age and has decided to get to the root of the problem by studying nutrition and alternative medicine. She has been on a healing journey for over 10 years and today her inflammation is non-existent. Emily has dedicated her life to helping others do the same and focuses on chronic problems such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. She is passionate about herbal remedies, spices, and healing foods that bring relief to the most common cause of ailments today: inflammation. Emily is a strong believer in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself and encourages people to try different methods of healing to find the best possible solution for their ailments. Emily lives in New Castle with her husband and her turtle Charlie. She enjoys spending time walking in the park, swimming, dancing, practicing yoga, making green smoothies and photography.