Healing Knowledge of Mind and Body.

Ingrid Sen

Ingrid is an avid reader and writer with numerous best-selling books in the self-help and alternative medicine genre. She is all about holistic healing and a firm believer in the body’s own ability to heal itself. She encourages individuals to find the ‘root cause’ of their illness rather than opting for a ‘quick-fix’ and just suppressing the symptoms. She has always been interested in studying the human mind and body and how they interact to form the “whole”.

She practices mindfulness and meditation and embraces ‘mind over body’ medicine. In her books, she provides fantastic advice on positive thinking, reframing, clearing blocks and various methods on how to find peace and inner joy.

Ingrid grew up in Montana and likes mountain climbing, yoga, tai chi, classical music and painting.  In her free time, she enjoys travelling and discovering different cultures. Her favorite places include Indonesia, New Zealand and Peru.