Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Love Your Food

Isabelle Matthews R.D.

Isabelle is a Registered Dietitian with numerous best-selling books in health, diet and nutrition. For many years, Isabelle struggled with weight gain and severe allergies and so she decided to study the root cause of her ailments. It turned out, when Isabelle changed her diet, everything changed. She lost over 20 pounds and many of her allergies disappeared. She has been in the nutrition field for over 10 years and is committed to educating people around the world on how to look and feel their best.

In her books, Isabelle provides practical advice on better eating habits, how to melt stubborn fat, ways to increase energy, and how to make the shift in your diet. She provides the necessary tools you need to make changes and enjoy healing foods that taste great. When not writing, Isabelle enjoys hiking, movies, playing the piano, and creating new recipes. Isabelle resides in Palm Springs, Florida with her husband and cat named Mia.